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Some of the most popular materials we laser cut:


  • laser cut and assembled acrylic mannequins for museum exhibition
  • laser cut and assembled designer light
  • laser cut and assembled tactile floorplan for a school for the blind
  • laser cut and assembled acrylic and vinyl auto badge
  • laser cut acrylic lace
  • laser cut and engraved acrylic award
  • laser cut and assembled acrylic jewelry


  • laser engraved wood chocolate box lids for Kaufmanfranco NY
  • laser engraved wood table top
  • laser engraved wooden hanger for Victorias Secret
  • laser cut box joints on oak table
  • laser engraved IPE wood for park benches
  • custom laser cut wood

  • laser engraved photograph on paper
  • laser cut cardboard cactus parts for David Stark
  • laser cut paper letters
  • laser cut paper box wrap for cookies
  • laser cut cd sleeves
  • intricate laser cut greeting cards
  • intricate laser cut paper for Bat Mitzva

  • laser cut green silk designer top
  • laser cut silk strips for garment
  • laser cut felt for pillows
  • laser cut vinyl mesh for Art Basel 2008 designed by Aranda Lasch
  • laser cut velcro clasps
  • laser cut and engraved silk pattern parts
  • laser cut diamond pattern in silk

  • laser cut leather for designer bag
  • laser cut and etched gun saddles
  • laser cut black leather
  • laser engraving logo on rawhide
  • laser engraved leather
  • laser cut designer leather bracelets
  • laser engraved leather guitar strap

Below are just some of the materials we work with:

abs acetal acrylic anodized aluminum
abs acetal acrylic annodized aluminum
ABS is an amorphous thermoplastic blend and cuts cleanly as a film. Acetal cuts cleanly in thin gauges, and also engraves nicely. Acrylic is one of the most versatile laser materials. We laser cut up to 1" stock. The edges are smooth, clean, and have a flame-polished look after cutting. Anodized Aluminum can be laser engraved and etched. This kind of marking is common.









cardboard corian depron fiberglass
Cardboard is widely used for prototyping and pilot production and cuts cleanly with lasers. Laser cutting allows fine cutouts and intricate shapes. Corian, Avonite, Fountainhead, these materials all engrave beautifully and are frequently color filled. We can also cut through this material with a frosted edge. Depron is a lightweight durable foam used for building large-scale models, indoor flyers, gliders, etc. Great for structural supports and one-piece fuselages. Depron is one of the materials that can be cleanly cut with lasers. Fiberglass type mixes and specialized materials like glass steel and its competitors, char significantly when laser cut.









flouropolymers hypalon ivory kapton
Fluoropolymers, thin gauges cut cleanly, ideal for Teflon gaskets, many fluro-elastomers mixes also cut nicely. We do a variety of to print gaskets in these materials. Hypalon has outstanding resistance to most chemicals; heat and oil are among the most important characteristics. Laser etching ivory produces a clean and clear image. Kapton and many other specialized performance plastic films cut very nicely with lasers.






neoprene rubber



linoleum melamine neoprene rubber nylon
Linoleum cuts cleanly with lasers and is frequently used by interior designers and in some printing processes.
Melamine, which falls into the Phenolics category, does engrave nicely with lasers. We laser cut Neoprene rubber for many different customers. Neoprene is one of the best all-purpose elastomers where resistance to ozone, sunlight, oxidation and many petroleum derivatives are of prime importance. Nylon cuts very well and in the case of fabrics, the cut edges do not fray after they are heat sealed with the laser.









paper petg phenolics polycarbonate

Laser cutting paper allows for very intricate shapes and fine details beyond the capabilities of hand cutting and even Diecutting.

See more paper cut cards and interior stencils

PETG produces toxic fumes, we generally opt for polyester or acrylic instead. Most varieties of Phenolics cut very well, especially in thin gauges. Some charring occurs though which needs to be removed. In many instances, this is cost effective versus milling. Polycarbonate tends to discolor with laser cutting. So, for industrial purposes thin gauge cutting may be acceptable, frequently impact modified acrylic or polyester is a better alternative.









polyester polyethylene polypropylene polystyrene
Laser cutting Polyester: We love it! Polyester cuts cleanly with sealed edges. Laser cutting Polyethylene is done on a case-by-case bases. Thin gauge HDPE has its place for stencils, but we prefer ABS for the same application. Laser cutting Polypropylene is similar to polyethylene (see polyethylene). Polystyrene cuts farily cleanly with lasers and is frequently used for architectural models. This is a great material to laser cut highways, roads, bridges,etc.






pvc, pvc foam board


rubber, silicon rubber

polysulfone polyurethane pvc rubber
Polysulfone chars and is not a particularly friendly material to cut with lasers. Polyurethane is a friendly material for the laser. Numerous types of gaskets and foam parts are easily cut with our lasers. Although these materials can be cut with our lasers,  we avoid it as the process produces chlorine gases which is not good for the machinery or people, so we stay away from PVC. - sorry Rubber, as most elastomers cuts nicely.






wood and veneers


wovens and nonwovens

textiles vinyl wood wovens and nonwovens

We laser cut Cotton, Wool, Mohair, Nylon, Silk, Denim, Leather, etc... we could continue this list forever. Laser cutting allows all designers to cut very intricate patterns and edges in all textiles extending the boundaries of the imagination. We can even cut compound materials like textile / plastic at high speeds for the automotive industry.
Many fabrics have the notable advantage of melting the textile fibers during the laser cutting process so that they cannot fray. Please visit our textile division here: lasercutfabric.com

Laser Cutting Shapes has developed a laser cutting process to kiss cut vinyl cleanly. Vinyl with adhesive back is applied to a hard surface and laser cut with low power. We selectively peel the vinyl and leave the desired pattern on the surface.
Laser Cutting Shapes can laser cut Wood stock up to 5/8" thick as well as the thinnest of Veneers.  We can laser cut the most intricate inlays that you can think of, allowing for  some impressive woodworking tricks. Laser Cutting Shapes can cut woven and nonwoven material to exact sizes. Just as with most textiles, the resulting edges are sealed and resist fraying.

Contact us with your particular material application.

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